Wondering second largest wall of World-Kumbhalgarh

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I always love to gather knowledge about unknown place. We know that One of the wonders of the world, the longest wall or the Great Wall of China will never cease to amaze visitors who have the chance to admire its unique architectures. Even This wall can visible through Moon also.

One of my friend  one day asked me about second largest wall of World, & trust me I felt shy that I really didn’t have any Idea about second longest wall actually situated in India.

I gathered the information from him & wanted to share with my friends also the pictures which he sent me:-

The second longest wall of the world is the wall of Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan 36 kilometer long. It is on a height of 3600m above sea level & surrounded with 300 odd temples ( ruins ). The birth place of great warrior Maharana Pratap over the world’s oldest hill range called- the Aravallis. This place is now covered by sanctuary area.

                                              Temple View

                                                                   Fort View

                                                                   Panoramic Night View

I will visit this place soon as a solo traveler & share my journey here 🙂


    1. Coolpams

      Even I also shocked when one of my friend told me that after China wall this is the second largest wall situated in India..Yeah me too explore the place soon..

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