Beyond the cricket pitch; destinations can also spellbound minds.

As I am writing this post as a part of #BloggerDreamTeam I mesmerize only word for Indians which is “Cricket Maniac”. I can still hear the roar of every Indian when India won the match against Pakistan few days back. As a traveler & a great cricket lover I personally watch the matches which played on different countries & fulfill my thrust to visit these cities through my imaginations. Only Cricket is the game, which is connected heartily with Indians. The tension between two rival countries fulfills by the game with happy ending or unhappy ending & the heroes become zero after playing the game. Our brain emotionally & personally is so connected to gets into a fierce fight with the heart for this match.

When we talk about the Cricket then it is not possible that we could ignore the great stadium where held the matches or could ignore the countries & their beautiful destinations. Cricket world cup has changed a lot over the last few years & particularly you cannot ignore the unbeatable part that travel combined with cricket.

Whenever I watch cricket world cup or tournament I eagerly wait to see a glance of beautiful countries which held the tournaments & share their views in between the matches. Beyond the cricket match I wish to roam around some of beautiful cities with their spectacular stadiums.

Start with New Zealand: This beautiful country gift us many great stadium with awesome scenic beauty. If you ask anybody to visit any place in world New Zealand surely comes under their wish list.

Nelson is a city on the eastern shores of Tasman Bay, Saxton Oval the smallest & newest world cup venue popular for its excellent climate, a beautiful summer destinations & centrally located. It is one of the first places where cricket was played in 1844. Saxton Oval Nestled between the hills and the sea, the picturesque oval, with its grass embankments and white picket fence, has quickly become a hit with spectators and players since its opening in 2010 & already announced one of the venue for 2015 world cup cricket. It has great parking facilities, quality outdoor practice wickets and modern facilities, including an award-winning $3.8m pavilion shaped like an oval cylinder to reflect the cricket ground. The pitch is good & quiet flexible for playing cricket.

Hamilton is another city of New Zealand which gifted us the spectacular Seddon Park which purpose-built for cricket and reserved almost exclusively for use by the summer game. Hamilton has matured from farming center to bona fide city with a lively sports and entertainment scene.

Home of Cricket; Lords, London: If we are talking about how Cricket changed a lot in a few years with combination of travel we cannot ignore London & the Lords. It has remained the centre of ICC committee for a long period of time. Thomas Lord who formed it in 1814, due to which the name of this stadium has become The Lords, Cricket Ground. The first match was played here in 1884. The importance of this ground can easily be judged in the list of Top 10 Best Cricket Stadiums in the World that many final matches of the World Cup have been played here in this ground, like 1975, 1979, 1983 and 1999. We still remember how Saurav Ganguly twirling his jersey here.The London has its own beauty with Thames River & if match held this place London have to must visit place beyond cricket.

Kennington London :Oval always remembered for first cricket test match & the capacity of ground 23,500. Oval is considered as the most beautiful stadium in the world and also hosted to many exciting Ashes test and ODI series in the past.

Old Trafford, Manchester: – The third ground in England after Lords and Oval established on 1854 has its own beauty & importance.

India connects with emotions: If we want to feel the real spark & passion of cricket match with a beautiful historic city Eden Garden in Kolkata is then ideal for all. It’s unlikely you’ll get the same anywhere else around the world apart from Kolkata. Total capacity of the Eden Gardens is nearly about 90,000 and established in 1864.

Fabulous Australia surely next Cricket destinations:-  Australia has the perfect blending combinations with Cricket & Travel. From sea to desert, a hill to wood Australia always has its own uniqueness with some most visit sight seen like Opera House and the Darling Harbor etc.

Melbourne: MCG is the short form of is the Melbourne Cricket Ground and it is considered as largest cricket stadium.You can’t have a piece on the greatest travel destinations linked with game of cricket and not mention Melbourne. Established in 1854 it is the most livable city in the world with total capacity of MCG is over 95,000. Melbourne cricket ground has great importance in the history of cricket because it has hosted the first ever International Test Matches which was played in between Australian and England and the first ever ODI matches in 1971 and against between these two teams.

Sydney: Sydney Cricket ground is found in Australia was established in 1884 and its total capacity is 46,000. This ground is famous for a notorious event between Andrew Symonds and Harbhajan Singh.

Finish the tour with charming South Africa : I can’t have this complete list without mentioning South Africa in it, can I? After all, it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The nature with blessings of God.

Johannesburg: The Wanderers, famous cricket ground of South Africa hosted the World Cup 2003 final match played between India & Australia.

Cape Town: Cape Town has another South African cricket stadium NEWLANDS which hosted many great crickets matches. It is considered the beautiful ground in the world as in evening twilight of sunset pouring on the ground and this shows one of the most beautiful cricket sights.

Cricket & travel together work as a fantastic combo where the crazy spectators watch cricket with fulfilling their travel desire & the tourism board can rejuvenate with the game & change the way of lifestyle.

Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey.” –Pat Conroy

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