Ajmer Sharif – Where mysticism and religion come together

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Ajmer notorious as one of the most pious cities and a venue of spiritual and cultural harmony all over the world, Ajmer enjoys the distinction of being the prime destination of people who have a staunch faith, whether they are Hindus, the worshiper of Lord Brahma or be they Muslims, coming to visit the mighty court of “Gharib Nawaz” and pray with whole heart.

Darga Sharif

It doesn’t matter if you are a believer or have no religious affiliations; a visit to Ajmer-e-Sharif is for everyone. The dargah of KhwajaMoin-ud-din Chisti is dedicated to the Sufi saint and is known to fulfill the wishes of people who visit.

The ether around is perky with devotion let you experience serenity.

Ajmer Sharif or Dargah Sharif is the shrine of the Sufi saint Moinuddin Chishti, located in Ajmer, Rajasthan. It has the severe of the revered saint, making it one of the most visited and sacred shrines. Ajmer Sharif is rich with Sufism belief!

The shrine as it is

The main gate to the shrine is known as the Nizam gate, followed by the Shahjahani gate which was erected by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. Then, it is followed by the Buland Darwaza upon which is hoisted the Urs flag which signifies the beginning of the death anniversary rituals.

Main gate

Have you ever visited this spectacular Dargah? Share your experiences in the comments section!

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Taragarh Fort: a must visit place

The gigantic fort stands guarding the city. It has six gates. The fort also has Miran Sahebki Dargha who was laid down his life in an encounter. It gives a panoramic view of the city situated in Nagpahari of Aravalli ranges, this fort has enormous archaeological and historical importance.

Fateh Gate

Complete view of Ajmer from Taragarh Fort

The other things

While talking about Ajmer, apart from Ajmer Dargah there is a lot more to it. Tugged beautifully on the rugged Aravalli ranges, Ajmer is a bustling city with chaotic markets and unending traffic that portray a beautiful picture of Muslim architecture. In spite of being the most sacred of all Muslim pilgrimage places of India, tourists from different culture, community, religion and race visit the city to pay their homage to the shrine. Ajmer attractions vary from pilgrim spots to lakes and from forts to museums. Again, its market place with age-old shops selling Rajasthani handicrafts and delicacies are a delight to every tourist’s eye.

Beautifully on the rugged Aravalli ranges

Drinks and Food (Italian foods are really delicious )

Before planning a trip, you must make a detailed list of places to visit in Ajmer. Some of the significant sites here are:

  • The Dargah of Khawaja Saheb
  • Ana Sagar Lake
  • Adhai-din-ka-Jhonpra
  • Akbar’s Palace and
  • Nasiyan Temple.


  1. AndysWorldJourneys

    I visited the area in 1999. sadly I took one photo and have lost my diaries. it’s so long ago I really cant remember much about it. one day I’ll get back to India and get here, it looks wonderful thanks for sharing

    1. Coolpams

      Its sad that you lost your diary..but I am sure when you will visit the place you find same more or less..I visited twice and found remain same :).. Let me know then if you need any assistance from my side…will love to guide you 🙂

  2. Fly With Shaunak

    Ajmer Sharif is there on my bucketlist. Funny… inspite of staying in India, how some of the places take so long to visit ! I guess reaching there is a bit time consuming, say if you are in Pune, especially when the closest airport is far off. Will a weekend be sufficient, in your opinion ?

    1. Coolpams

      Well, I guess that one weekend is enough for exploring Ajmer and Pushkar both. Suppose if you will fly on Friday,so you will reach Jaipur and from there Ajmer is 3 hours by road. So you have two days time to visit
      Ajmer and Pushkar both.. and again return to Jaipur on Sunday evening. So that you can easily avail the monday morning flight from there.
      For more details : https://everycornerofworld.wordpress.com/2014/02/22/soul-resurgence-trip-to-ajmer-and-pushkar/

      1. Fly With Shaunak

        Okkk ! So nice to talk to somebody & trust their advice, rather than researching multiple ways of reaching… By the way, that one pic of yours that you have in this post is awesome, it is extremely clear as if you are standing in front of the person reading the post 🙂

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