Travel Beauty Tips for Backpackers and Travelers

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Going on fun trips is one of the best ways to enjoy a carefree and stress-free life, away from the hustle and bustle of the town. These days a lot of women, either solo or group, go for backpacking. All girls’ trips are very common, and we can see every group of girls here and there in famous travel destinations. For them maintain a travel beauty tips is very important.

Of course, we all ladies need a break from our routine now and then. And you all will agree that even the solo backpackers also need to look their best sometimes.

So, let’s have a look at the best and super-hit travel beauty tips for backpackers and travelers :


Keep The Melting Away

When you are traveling, you are obviously on the road. So, makeup melting or flowing down from your face is likely to happen. Don’t let that pretty face look like a disaster. Thus, keep tissues and blotting paper handy to take care of this ugly situation.


Say Yes To Mists

There is a difference between staying fresh and looking fresh. To look fresh, you need something like mists and all. Use your favorite body mist or fragrance. This will keep you happy and motivated as well.


Learn To Multi-Task

Backpacking is the time when you are not going to carry your whole makeup with you. Learn the art of mastering with minimal products. You multitask your products – use lipstick as a blusher and skip bronzer or even highlighter.


Never Underestimate Skincare

During backpacking remember, makeup is not, but skincare is! So, carry the basics of your skin care like moisturizer, lip balm, and body lotion. This will ultimately help you in the journey.


Travel Sized beauty

There is a reason why travel-sized beauty products launch. Carry all your travel-sized beauty and makeup essentials and save that much needed extra space.



Sunscreen is of utmost importance when you are traveling. Carry a sunscreen with a high SPF. And no, this is not the time to experiment with new sunscreens. Carry your favorite or reliable sunblock for your journey.


Nail Necessities

In case you are going for a long backpacking trip then nail necessities are very much required. This is perfect to keep your nails in shape or even maintain hygiene.


Cleanliness comes first

Of course, cleanliness comes first. Undoubtedly, carry your minimal but super useful products which involve cleanliness or hygiene. This is not to be compromised or missed.


Eye Creams

Eye creams are a must-have in your skincare stash. So, while preparing for backpacking, also pack your favorite eye cream. This will keep your eye bags in check, and you will not end up looking sick and sleep deprived.



Last but not least hydration is essential. Even when you hit the road, you might be in different travel and climate zone. So, hydration is vital but is not only through moisturizing. Don’t forget to drink loads of water when you are on the go. This will keep you in shape and flush out the unnecessary toxins from your system.


Looking your best while traveling to your favorite destination is icing on the cake. Since you’re traveling, I recommend to choose your products wisely and keep them minimal. Don’t over stress about your makeup and let your skin breathe. Also, don’t neglect your skin as it’s the time you’re likely to get breakouts and irritation so maintain your skincare routine as well! Most important of all, don’t fret about how you’re looking and enjoy each moment being who you are. Hopefully, these tips will help you bring out the gorgeous backpacker diva in you!

Author Bio: Mariyam, is a beauty blogger at The Beautyholic who has a passion for writing. She loves to travel, binges and cuddles animals. She is blogging for 3+ years and long way to go.
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